It is well known that fashion recycles itself like the seasons. New designs, patterns, styles and colors are seen in the market every year and in every season. What changes quickly for attire, also applies to area rugs, albeit at a slower pace. As we move into the New Year, the past few months have been speaking gray, silver and taupe in the rug industry. A large portion of the trendiest pieces that rug vendors are carrying today come in grays, silvers and taupes, sending an almost monochromatic message but with that sparkle.

The Silver Grey Rug Is In.

Interior designers Sherwin-Williams points in this direction as well.


A well-known vendor that has proven this trend is Nourison Rugs, featured on Sears Rugs.

nourison silver grey rug

Vallencierre Silver Grey Rug

Contour Silver Grey Rug

While the bright and colourful can fit some places, these soft tones are quickly finding a place in many hearts and homes. Many top-quality area rugs come with a shimmer that creates an uplifting atmosphere. At the same time, the colors are not loud at all. They do not shout, they whisper.


An area rug in taupe shades will blend very well with your walls, ceilings and furniture, especially wood. Taupe as a base color has several advantages. Dust, dirt and pet marks will not show prominently. This does not mean one should not care for the rug and not keep it clean. However, you can afford to push the cleaning to the weekend and reduce emergencies. While contemporary, modern, new wave and trendy are words that come to mind with taupe, silk rugs look astonishingly beautiful in taupe. Heirloom masterpieces carrying a silk tradition across generations make your room look royal. proudly carries many such rugs.

Peshawar Taupe Area Rug

Egton Taupe Area Rug

Be a trendy shopper this holiday season and turn your house into a warm and welcoming home that is an expression of who you are.