Traditional-Antique Red Runner by Anadol Rugs

Thousands of years ago, cultures in various parts of the world included intricately patterned and hand-woven rugs as a part of royal and upscale life. The rug was meant to cusion and warm up the feet, and protect them from hard floor, sharp pieces, cold stone and dust. Primarily in the eastern part of the world, rugs were mostly hand-woven with great care and made of wool, silk, jute and linen.

The rug was soon associated with the luxury of the royalty. The kings' palaces had rugs and long runners everywhere -- in entrances, rooms, corridors, ballrooms, halls, assemblies and private chambers. Perhaps this is how the term "Red Carpet" became popular and was quickly associated with honor, respect and hospitality.

American homes typically have rugs and carpets. The cold climate makes people appreciate the importance of rugs in their lives. Today we have a carpeted America. The stone and wooden floors in homes and buildings are almost always covered. Necessity and comfort blend with cultural trends to create a rug revolution. Many home-owners have replaced wall-to-wall beige carpeting with designer area rugs in various styles. Rug styles and designs range from traditional to contemporary and modern, antique styles and silks, and to many people's surprise, there are rugs that speak to you, that speak your language, that when placed in your home will speak for you. What's more, the rug that decorates your room creates an atmosphere around it.